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Well now that Skyrim screenshooting is in full, glorious swing, I think it's time to upload my Oblivion screenshots. :P I've never been very good at staying current, what can I say? Anyway, I'm a longtime Elder Scrolls fan, and an Oblivion screenshooting junkie. For many ES fans, Oblivion's conventional-hamlets-castles-and-trees fantasy setting was a huge turnoff. Well, it was for me at first, I admit. However, over time, and thanks to the contributions of the modding community, I've come to believe that Oblivion's generic-ness is actually part of its strength. Almost any kind of character can find a home there- and to this end, most of my characters in Oblivion are pretty lore-unfriendly custom races. XD Androids, time-traveling elves, chibi-half-dragons, etc, and so on.

I haven't started screenshooting Skyrim yet. but when I do, it's unlikely that my taste for the anachronistic and absurd will be evident. Skyrim's setting and overall esthetic is very distinct, in my opinion, and I appreciate it for that. It's a quality I will wish to honor in my Skyrim screenshots.


United States
Not much to say, other than that all my images were taken in ES IV: Oblivion by Bethesda Softworks, and "hi, thanks for stopping by".

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